Monday, April 6, 2009

Love covers a multitude of sins

How do you explain your religion?Your "relationship" if you will.Your spiritual viewpoint?

If love isn't at the basis of that you need to change your perspective.Jesus explained true religion as taking care of widows and orphans.That being said, how much more do we turn our religion into politics?Gone is the love and concern for the people around us that have different view points, and judgmental attitudes overcome us.I fail to see where Jesus worked politics into his religion that he came to bring.You didn't see Jesus leading marches against his government because they made a decision that he didn't agree with and he lived under a cruel, oppressive government.

We have it much more cushy.I'm not saying we shouldn't have a voice in our world- i'm just wondering how much more we could do if we stopped legislating morality and just starting loving.I'm so sick of other Christians expecting a lost and dying world to be living in the light.Us imposing our beliefs on them isn't going to change them.Ever.I tried that for a long time.How about us loving people?Being a non-evasive example of our beliefs.Being consistent and considerate and allowing people time to work through their own beliefs.

I'm not sure where i'm going with this to be completely honest.I've just been a state of sheer frustration for the past three days with Christians around us and their response to our local governments.I understand voicing your opposition, but at the same time shouldn't we as Christians be the ones who love people through their mistakes, different viewpoints, and stop imposing our beliefs on them until they come to a God-led conclusion on their own?Jesus never once forced someone into following him.He simply provided them with an opportunity and let them make the decision for themselves.He never judged them because of their prior life after they came to him not matter what it was.

Shouldn't we be that forgiving?Shouldn't we stop judging people based on their current religious hangups, sexual preferences, political decisions and just love them as Jesus loves us?

Just my 2 cents..."What the world needs now is love- sweet love.."

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