Sunday, March 22, 2009

Resore Me....

OK so I know I haven't written in a while, and I have no idea why not because alot has been going on! Here is few just to name some:
1. I have recently just recieved my first sponsor child, her name is Loveny Yrat... she is 10 yrs. old and is living in Haiti with her six sibblings. Its amazing the love that God can give for you, for someone you have never met, and don't even know! I will dedicate a blog entery in the next little while to introduce you guys to her, she's awesome!

2. I recieved my BTh! Woo Hoo ! Now looking into starting either my MA in counseling in September or starting to school to be a certified nouthetic counselor ( if you have any suggestions or have done either let me know!)

3. Looking forward to the things God is teaching me in my own personal walk. It hasnt been an "easy" past few weeks.... I have been struggling alot peronsally BUT as always God has been soooo faithful and He has used people to speak truth into my like, to which I am SO grateful, He has used sermons, books, my students, and music, all to bring me to my knees in recognition of who HE is, despite who I am.

I would like to spend a moment sharing with you a song I came across actually just today. Its funny because it was over facebook and I saw it as a link in someones name, and I actually didn't mean to click on it but I did, and the song just started playing, so I listened, and the words got me. I had just finished watching "End of the Spear" and cried the whooooole way through it ( which is VERY unlike me) but nevertheless, as I listened to this song, I really listened to the words over and over. I have written them out for you guys so you can check them out and if you have the time listen to the song as well... its powerful stuff! This is my prayer....
Restore Me
Jason Ingram

I lift my prayer to a God who waits to here
Each groan that I call out in His Name.

I'm standing here in silence, I wait for You to speak
For Your whisper heals me with one word

Restore me, I would have no way but your's my Lord.
Restore me, like the eagle spreads it's wings and soars,
I will lift my faithless heart to a God who's love is pure.
Resting in your arms I am secure.
Restore me.