Friday, February 27, 2009

My two-cents...

John 8:32

" Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Have you experienced a group frantically reaching for you? Climbing over their fellows and crying outt in desperation. To be in the middle of a human storm; a mob represented by a thousand focused hands. I have.

Why the commotion? A movie star... extraordinary giveaways? Not quite...someone was handing out Bibles. recently I heard a testimony of a guy who just went on a missions trip to northern Tanzania, in a city called Arusha just south of the Kenyan bordeer; in the middle of a wood-working arena, dirt floor and container shop after container shop. He goes on to share, " I had walked through the market earlier in the day as a tourist, but felt very compelled to return as a missionary". Can you imagine the same happening here in Canada? We hunger for many things, but sadly truth is not one of them. I remember commenting recently to some friends that if a Jonah-type figure were to walk through our cities proclaiming sure judgement, we would laugh and commit him. Not so if the same happened in an African setting. "I believe they still fear the Lord."

" we professors are going to go right on trying to discredit you in the eyes of your children, trying to strip your fundamentalist religion community of dignity, trying to make your views seem sily rather than discussable."

Let me welcome yout to a new battle: one that has the audacity to make outlandish claims, and fears no reprocussion; one that has gained enough popularity and confidence to go public on their warpath. Politicians have their policy while the public maintains a sense of security under the guise of common decency as civilization escapes scrutiny therby evading accountability ina world saturated with theory but missing truth- exchanged for relativity where their only hope has been robbed of his majesty and traded for the temporary deemed morality in the minds of society insomuch as pockets of believers lost within the walls of their sanctuaries cry out " holy, holy, holy" to a people that can no more hear than see them. It is from here that we will change the world. Our IMPRINT group has roughly 30 students that come out weekly, to study and grow in their faith. Statistically of these some 30 students, 23 will walk away from Christ due mainly to intellectual conflicts against their faith. I trust we can do better than this! Satan is making a concerted and precise effort for the hearts of our students, will we respond?

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  1. FINALLY - thanks for blogging and not just one but TWO!!! good job all I can say is Your soooo smart and so gifted.... your youth are lucky to have you as their leader and mentor because not only are you smart but your caring and your relevant and you know how to keep God at the focal point of everything you do... I am so proud to have you as my sister and Im so encouraged to see all God is doing in your life and through you!!